Poco - Bitter Blue Lyrics

Bitter Blue
written: T.B. Schmit
lead vocal: T.B. Schmit

Well I came out of nowhere just to see you
Now I can't find my way home feeling so blue
I see the sign by the corner light
Telling me which way to go, but I don't know
When you walked up to me and told me dearly
How you'd like me to join, you said quite clearly
Did it ever occur to you, that I might like to see you too?
(wouldn't you?)

Everyday I see a different situation,
I can't find much that is true
And you know it ain't much of a relation
Still, I'm calling on you

All the time I keep hearing how it could be,
Between lovers who only want to be free
Just the same I don't feel too strong,
Armed with nothing but a song, for too long
Maybe there will be a day I see direction
All I need is a clue
But you know I'm not a master of detection
Still I'm calling on you, Bitter Blue
Oooh Bitter Blue

I keep on calling out your name
I look outside and find the rain
If I only had an idea what to do
About you
Ooooh Bitter Blue
Ooooh Bitter Blue


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