Eagles Article

Interview with Timothy B. Schmit
Author: Unknown
Publication: Unknown (Amsterdam)
Date: June 2005

Abstract: Brief interview where Timothy talks about tricky subjects such as why none of his solo material is played by the Eagles and whether or not the new Eagles album will ever get finished.

Interviewer: Why is it called the Farewell 1 tour?

TBS: Well, it's just sort of a tongue-in-cheek, almost a joke, a lot of our contemporaries are starting to make their farewell tours. But they never say goodbye. So we just named ours, we numbered ours.

Interviewer: Is it still fun to be on the road?

TBS: I enjoy it; it’s not fun like it use to be.

Interviewer: Boozing, drugs, women... that’s all history?

TBS: Yeah, well we’re all older and we all have families and we all pretty much live in daylight hours now. So it’s different but it’s still enjoyable to me.

Interviewer: In the time that the Eagles split, the four of you did a lot of solo stuff, and Don, Glenn and Joe play their solo stuff during the tour and you don’t…..

TBS: Yeah.

Interviewer: It’s even on the DVD.

TBS: Yeah.

Interviewer: None of your material is on the DVD?

TBS: Yeah, I don’t even know how to answer that. I think maybe because most of my stuff wasn’t really on the radio that much.

Interviewer: I see a lot of pretty girls and attractive women in your audience. Are they hired specially for the DVD, to sit in front?

TBS: (laughing) Not that I know of!!

Interviewer: Be honest!

TBS: If that was happening I knew nothing about it! But no, we have a really great variety of people, including beautiful young women, who come to see us.

Interviewer: I know the Rolling Stones work that way so!

TBS: You know I certainly, I’ve never heard of any people being hired to sit in front, no.

Interviewer: the DVD is called the Farewell 1 tour. Can we still expect a studio album of the Eagles?

TBS: I honestly don’t know (laughs nervously). We have worked on and off on a studio album for over a couple of years now, and it seems to always get stalled at a certain point. I’m not really clear as to why that is, honestly. There are distractions in our life, we go away and then we don’t come back for awhile. I personally wish and hope that we can complete it. I think that it would be a good thing for us and our audience and hopefully that will happen.


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