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Photo Gallery
Photos are grouped by time period. Click on thumbnail to get larger image.
Note: While we strive for accuracy, there may be some photos placed in the wrong galleries. If you find one of those, please e-mail us and we'll move it. If a photo is on the edge of a year and seems to go more with the next era, like the album cover shoots, we'll put it with those. That's why we have "circa" on the pages.

Early Era (pre-1969)

Early Poco Era (1969-1971)

Middle Poco Era (1972-1974)

Latter Poco Era (1975-1977)

The Long Run Era (1978-1980)

Playin' It Cool Era (1981-1985)

Timothy B. Era (1986-1989)

Tell Me the Truth Era (1990-1993)

Hell Freezes Over Era (1994-1996)

Late Nineties Era (1997-2000)

Feed the Fire Era (2001-2002)

Farewell 1- First Legs Era (2003-2004)

Farewell 1 - Last Legs Era (2005-2006)

Long Road Out of Eden Era (2007)