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Eagles to Make All-New Studio Album
Author: Paul Zach
Publication: The Straits Times (Singapore)
Date: April 27, 2001

Abstract: Schmit talks about how "Eagles fans can look forward to more music from the band when it records a brand-new album later this year." Um. Yeah.

THE Eagles will go into the studio to record their first new album of all-new material in 22 years this year, bass player Timothy B. Schmit has told Life! in an exclusive interview.

"I was in a meeting today talking with the rest of the guys about production and engineering and all that kind of stuff," he said.

"So that's the good news."

The band is responsible for two of the best-selling albums in history.

With 27 million copies sold since its 1976 release, Their Greatest Hits: 1971-75 is No. 1 on the all-time chart, while 1976's Hotel California is at No. 20, with 15 million copies sold.

In all, the band has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide, scored four No.1 one US singles and earned four Grammy Awards since it was formed 30 years ago.

The band -- drummer Don Henley, vocalist and guitarist Glenn Frey, guitarists Joe Walsh, Don Felder, and Schmit -- reunited in 1994 after a 12-year-hiatus for the sold-out Hell Freezes Over Tour.

That produced a best-selling live album of the same name, which contained four new studio tracks.

The Eagles will also begin a two-month tour in Moscow on May 29, before returning to the United States , where Schmit said they would record the new studio album before touring there.

"The really exciting news is that we're really gearing up to make a new album. An Eagles record. The whole vibe of everybody is there," he said.

"We had a photo shoot the other day and it was actually fun. It feels kind of renewed. It's really nice."

He said there was also a possibility the band would perform in Asia , including Singapore , sometime this year or next year.

"If we don't do it this fall, maybe next fall," he said. "We almost made it there last year but had some problems."

Meanwhile, for those who cannot wait for the new Eagles album or the concert, Schmit has released his fourth solo album, Feed The Fire. It is out in the stores.


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